Thursday, June 30, 2011


     I just finished my p90x ployometric workout and I'm feeling a certain kind of way, a good way, I feel healthy! I know that I'm going through chemotherapy and I'm suppose to be tired all the time, sick, sad, depressed and whatever else negative that comes with it but I DON'T. Man I feel so good right now!! I feel MOTIVATED.  For anyone that's reading this post and knows me personally, you know that I'm super OCD about my workouts and my healthy lifestyle. The doctors and nurses said I'd only be able to do 50% of what I was doing before (as some of my friends say, I was already doing the most LOL). Though I may not be able to go as hard as I did before (which I would say was probably 75% more than a normal person LOL not vain just confident :) ) I still and will continue to live a healthy life style. I'm determined!
     I know in my heart that there are 3 reasons that I'm doing so well with these treatments. 1) MY GOD he's my everything!!! 2) MY AGE, Cancer is known to be harder on older people 3) MY HEALTHY LIFE STYLE. I have not had any of the side affects that I was told I'd have I know it's due to these 3 factors. With the acception of my hair starting to shed, but I'm good with that, it will grow back even better. :)
     Though I absolutely love how my body looks from all those days of extra hard workouts, insane cardio sessions, and insane diets, I know it wasn't just to make me look good, God was preparing my body for this process. In my head I was training to win shows, get a pro card (which I will get when I'm done :o) ), and to look good. Like I said in a previous post, it's not always our plan that we are living by. I absolutely love working out and wish that everyone I knew had that same passion for it as I do.
     Not because I want people around me to look good but because it will keep you here on earth longer to see your families grow, to see your life grow, and to be able to do things that you never thought you could do. As a trainer I love to motivate people to get that passion for health and fitness because it can do nothing but enhance your life. It's not always about looking good but feeling good.
Results come in all different ways. Make small goal and move towards them. You may make your first one to be able to walk up a flight of stair without breathing heavily or to do a 5k, no goal is too big or too small. Just set it and move towards it.

     I encourage, my family, my friends, and anyone that is reading this post to set a goal. Do it for yourself!! No one can make you do what you don't want to do, so it has to be inside of you first, something that you want to do for you! I know we all have our secret thoughts of what we'd like to do or how we'd like to look, so claim it and start TODAY!!! Don't wait, because you'll only keep pushing it back until tomorrow. You've been waiting long enough. I know if I can do these p90x workouts while going through treatments, you can at least pick out a goal. I have mine in mind already!
    Last thing before I go, REMEMBER, don't worry about what others are doing, this is your goal and your time, no one else matters. So what if someone else is doing more or going harder, you go at a pace that it good for you, BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be care and push yourself.

MY GOAL: Kill this cancer and work towards getting that pro card in 2012.......WHAT'S YOURS? :)



  1. Great post today :) Been having a crazy day and you just made it better!

  2. I just want you to know that you are truly and inspiration to us all. As I see you fight so hard to reach your goal that gives me the motivation to fight to reach mine. I will loose the weight(75 to 80 pounds) and get to a healthy weight, So that I may regulate my blood pressure. A change of life is coming for me and the message from you today has given me the inspiration to start and go forward with this and stop putting it to the side. We will win and defeat the sickness trying to come against our bodies. In the Mighty Name Of Jesus. I love you Janae and thank you for this message I needed it!!! :)

  3. Janae, I love your spirit. You are so beautiful and motivating!! I wish i could get half of my patients to take on your optimistic mindset. If they only knew how much winning a battle with health is as mental as it is physical. I am so proud of you for sharing so much of this battle with us. That is a testament to your inner strength and faith. Continue pushing on girlfriend!