Monday, June 20, 2011


        So on a day to day basis we think about what we can do to get to where we want to be. Maybe if we work more hours, we can save more money. If we save more money I can buy the car I want or the house I want. We try to plan our lives how we want it to be or how we think we should have it. Every day I learn more and more that it's really not about us at all.
        There are things in life that I want to do and I am still going to do after I'm done with these treatments. #1 Go back to get my masters  #2 Get married #3 Have kids #4 Get a successful career as a physical therapist #4 Get my NPC Pro Card.  (This is is not in any particular order) We all have goals but in the grand scheme of things God already has our path set out for us. The decision is ours on if we want to follow what he tells us to do.
        Breast Cancer was so NOT a part of my plan (I mean really who ever has that in their plans) but what I do know is that I believe that this has happened to me for a reason. Don't get me wrong, I in NO WAY believe that God gave me Cancer but I do believe that it has happened for a reason. I am a NPC figure competitor (body building) and I've always wanted to be in magazines and share my story and just reach out to people and educate them about health and wellness. I honestly believe that I will still do those things but on another platform. Maybe my calling to speak on health and wellness from a Cancer perspective, but that wasn't my plan, but it may be God's.
        I've had a few doors open already to be a voice in this matter in just the short couple of weeks that I've decided to share my story with any and everybody and I feel so blessed and honored to do so. Each day my passion to share and educate about Cancer grows stronger and stronger. I would have never in a million years chose to be a vessel in this way (through speaking on cancer) had it not happened to me, just because it was something that I was not knowledgeable about. I say all this to say, don't block God's blessings by not listening to what he tells you. As much as we think we have it all planned out, we really don't because all it takes is one slick move to throw you off route. The question is, do you follow your own or do you listen and follow the for sure route? It may not be all peaches and cream doing it HIS way but hey neither is YOUR way but you still keep trying. Why not try it his way and see?
       He thinks above and beyond what we can ever think or imagine. He wants us to have the best of the best and what he has for us exceeds what we could ever do for ourselves. I'm going to follow the for sure route to the best of my ability, staying positive and prayed up at all times. I'm sure I'll screw up here and there but he expects that of us, we are human. That's what I love about him, he's a forgiver. Cancer won't get me down like it's gotten so many others. God's got my back!

Be Blessed from the Light (that would be me lol)!


  1. Janae', thank you for being a willing vessel to reach so many individuals. You impacted a number of people as a trainer and fitness professional, God has now given you another avenue to touch the lives of many more people in an unexpected manner. While we think we have our lives all figured out, God steps in to shake things up sometimes to cause us to operate in His true and perfect will. Continue to be the virtuous woman that He has called you to be. Even in the turbulent times, He will keep you and give you the strenghth you need to go on. Be the light because you're the only light some people may see.

    Brandi B

  2. Awesome Nae Nae!You are indeed a light! We sure can't plan it.Gonna try God's way too!!! Thank for shining your favorite Nae...ShaNay Nuh Nuh Nay Nuh Nay Nuh Nay Nayyyyyy!

  3. Love this Janae'!!! U r definitely a fighter & I know u will use this experience to be a blessing to others. Ur strength, courage, & faith will reach beyond just the cancer spectrum but will definitely encourage ANYBODY to get on the "for sure" path. I love u & I'm praying with u... *muah*

  4. Janae' when I first heard I was luke damn not da homie, but u a very strong person and im 1000% sure u will beat this so continue being da beautiful person u are and u definitely got my prayers!!!!
    GREG S.

  5. "We all have goals but in the grand scheme of things God already has our path set out for us. The decision is ours on if we want to follow what he tells us to do."

    I'm sure I told you of the "CRAZY" (according to the world) decision I made to leave city government and teach. MY plan was to be a city manager. I thought that I was making good progress. People around me told me I was on my way. But then God told me he wanted me to do other things -- He wanted me to teach.

    Sometimes God's directions to us seem so strange to others (why would anyone take a 35% cut in pay to go into a brand new field with no visible means to make it up?) and oftentimes they will seem crazy to us, but I am a true witness that His direction in the best direction. I've never looked back and He's allowed me to touch so many lives ... and He's allowed so many to touch my life.

    Keep listening for God's direction ... It may not seem easy to follow, but I can testify as to the fact that it is so very rewarding and fruitful.

    Love you girl.

    You have always been such a determined know youve always been awesome to me and your spirit and immediate willingness to help others while you yourself still fight your own battle proves it once again.This blog is an awesome way to document ur road to success, not only over cancer but also in life . I truly believe you will accomplish all of the goals you listed without a doubt..well we will have to wait and see biut the married part cuz u gonna have to choose through all of ur many eligible bachelors for that first! LOL but seriously you are an amazing woman so keep on going at being the best "janae" that you can be and this too shall pass..later mama
    P.s. u should include some video updates as well so people can see ur pretty face on here too :)
    -Brent mrblack gellineau