Thursday, June 30, 2011


     I just finished my p90x ployometric workout and I'm feeling a certain kind of way, a good way, I feel healthy! I know that I'm going through chemotherapy and I'm suppose to be tired all the time, sick, sad, depressed and whatever else negative that comes with it but I DON'T. Man I feel so good right now!! I feel MOTIVATED.  For anyone that's reading this post and knows me personally, you know that I'm super OCD about my workouts and my healthy lifestyle. The doctors and nurses said I'd only be able to do 50% of what I was doing before (as some of my friends say, I was already doing the most LOL). Though I may not be able to go as hard as I did before (which I would say was probably 75% more than a normal person LOL not vain just confident :) ) I still and will continue to live a healthy life style. I'm determined!
     I know in my heart that there are 3 reasons that I'm doing so well with these treatments. 1) MY GOD he's my everything!!! 2) MY AGE, Cancer is known to be harder on older people 3) MY HEALTHY LIFE STYLE. I have not had any of the side affects that I was told I'd have I know it's due to these 3 factors. With the acception of my hair starting to shed, but I'm good with that, it will grow back even better. :)
     Though I absolutely love how my body looks from all those days of extra hard workouts, insane cardio sessions, and insane diets, I know it wasn't just to make me look good, God was preparing my body for this process. In my head I was training to win shows, get a pro card (which I will get when I'm done :o) ), and to look good. Like I said in a previous post, it's not always our plan that we are living by. I absolutely love working out and wish that everyone I knew had that same passion for it as I do.
     Not because I want people around me to look good but because it will keep you here on earth longer to see your families grow, to see your life grow, and to be able to do things that you never thought you could do. As a trainer I love to motivate people to get that passion for health and fitness because it can do nothing but enhance your life. It's not always about looking good but feeling good.
Results come in all different ways. Make small goal and move towards them. You may make your first one to be able to walk up a flight of stair without breathing heavily or to do a 5k, no goal is too big or too small. Just set it and move towards it.

     I encourage, my family, my friends, and anyone that is reading this post to set a goal. Do it for yourself!! No one can make you do what you don't want to do, so it has to be inside of you first, something that you want to do for you! I know we all have our secret thoughts of what we'd like to do or how we'd like to look, so claim it and start TODAY!!! Don't wait, because you'll only keep pushing it back until tomorrow. You've been waiting long enough. I know if I can do these p90x workouts while going through treatments, you can at least pick out a goal. I have mine in mind already!
    Last thing before I go, REMEMBER, don't worry about what others are doing, this is your goal and your time, no one else matters. So what if someone else is doing more or going harder, you go at a pace that it good for you, BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be care and push yourself.

MY GOAL: Kill this cancer and work towards getting that pro card in 2012.......WHAT'S YOURS? :)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

He gives us the desires of our heart

     In this journey my mind has been as clear as ever. I'm so use to ripping and running everyday all day between my 3 jobs, 2 sometimes 3 a day workouts, a social/family life that I was never able to have a clear head. Now that I'm only working part time and not on my normal workout program I'm spending more time with family and friends and my thoughts are so clear. I get excited when I have things shown to me. I know this is not only because I have time to think but because my relationship with God is growing and he's showing me things that I've been trying to figure out forever.
     Having a clear head allows me to think things through and know what I want in life. It's like I can actually see what's in front of me and not have that fog in the way. I see what I want in life when it comes to each part of my life, my health, my family, my career, my future, everything is getting shown to me. Before I felt like I was just going through the motions and didn't know what was to come.
    Each day I see that God is blessing me more and more and giving me the desires of my heart. He was doing this before but I could never see it because my mind was so cloudy. I wasn't always being grateful for the small victories. I can now see that I was truly blessed before and even more so now. We must be grateful. He's granted me the simplest things that keep me smiling to the big unexpected gifts that I never thought I would have. Each day he gives a beautiful surprise and I think to myself, what did I do to deserve your grace, your peace, your mercy, and your joy. I feel all of that, everyday when I wake up and I know it came from no where else but from him. He may send it through another vessel but it's definitely all from him.
     As you go through your day (every day), think about the desires of your heart and ask for them. God wants us to have those things, no big or small, so claim it. I'm so excited to see what he has instore for me today!!! Can't wait!

I am faithful and grateful and I resolve to please God.


Monday, June 20, 2011


        So on a day to day basis we think about what we can do to get to where we want to be. Maybe if we work more hours, we can save more money. If we save more money I can buy the car I want or the house I want. We try to plan our lives how we want it to be or how we think we should have it. Every day I learn more and more that it's really not about us at all.
        There are things in life that I want to do and I am still going to do after I'm done with these treatments. #1 Go back to get my masters  #2 Get married #3 Have kids #4 Get a successful career as a physical therapist #4 Get my NPC Pro Card.  (This is is not in any particular order) We all have goals but in the grand scheme of things God already has our path set out for us. The decision is ours on if we want to follow what he tells us to do.
        Breast Cancer was so NOT a part of my plan (I mean really who ever has that in their plans) but what I do know is that I believe that this has happened to me for a reason. Don't get me wrong, I in NO WAY believe that God gave me Cancer but I do believe that it has happened for a reason. I am a NPC figure competitor (body building) and I've always wanted to be in magazines and share my story and just reach out to people and educate them about health and wellness. I honestly believe that I will still do those things but on another platform. Maybe my calling to speak on health and wellness from a Cancer perspective, but that wasn't my plan, but it may be God's.
        I've had a few doors open already to be a voice in this matter in just the short couple of weeks that I've decided to share my story with any and everybody and I feel so blessed and honored to do so. Each day my passion to share and educate about Cancer grows stronger and stronger. I would have never in a million years chose to be a vessel in this way (through speaking on cancer) had it not happened to me, just because it was something that I was not knowledgeable about. I say all this to say, don't block God's blessings by not listening to what he tells you. As much as we think we have it all planned out, we really don't because all it takes is one slick move to throw you off route. The question is, do you follow your own or do you listen and follow the for sure route? It may not be all peaches and cream doing it HIS way but hey neither is YOUR way but you still keep trying. Why not try it his way and see?
       He thinks above and beyond what we can ever think or imagine. He wants us to have the best of the best and what he has for us exceeds what we could ever do for ourselves. I'm going to follow the for sure route to the best of my ability, staying positive and prayed up at all times. I'm sure I'll screw up here and there but he expects that of us, we are human. That's what I love about him, he's a forgiver. Cancer won't get me down like it's gotten so many others. God's got my back!

Be Blessed from the Light (that would be me lol)!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

To God be the Glory!

 I am a 30 year old young lady, healthy, very active, and in shape but on March 29, 2011 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I'm one of the healthiest people that my friends and family know, so none of us expected for this to happen to me. I was shocked but I believe with every being in me that my God will NEVER give me more than I can handle. April 26, 2011 I had the tumor removed, the tumor that was removed had a lot of cell division so I was told that I needed Chemotherapy and Radiation. Since then, my life has been slightly different but change is good, it makes us grow as people, making us better to and for one another. This has not only had an effect on me but on my family and friends as well. I love that it's teaching my people to be grateful for what God has already done no matter how small we may think it to be. We get so caught up sometimes that we forget about how blessed we already are until we see someone else's situation that may be different from our own. We are blessed.

In order to start my chemotherapy sessions, I had to get a port surgically placed into the left side of my chest. I got that done on Monday, June 6th. It was a very easy procedure and only had a very small amount of soreness afterwards. On this past Monday June 13, 2011 I started part of my first chemotherapy session with an injection of Herceptin. It took a couple of hours but was painless with no side affects. On Tuesday June 14th, I got the "real stuff", the actual chemotherapy medicine (Taxotere and Carboplatin). These two are the medicines that are going in to actually "kill" any cancer cells that may be floating around. So I'm sure you can image how strong they are.

The actual process again was painless. It just took a long time, since it was my first round of chemo, they wanted to give it to me slowly. I was getting "juiced up" (that's my name for it LOL) from 11am until 3:30 pm, so about 4 and a half hours, pretty long. But the people there are so nice that the time went by faster than I expected. More so because I have God on my side and I am super positive about this whole stituation. I was told that I'd be sick for the next 3-4 days and I feel just fine as I sit here and type. I refuse to let this hold me down. I feel a few differences in my body but nothing like what I was told or like what I've seen on tv, or nothing like I imagined it to be. I AM FAITHFUL AND GRATEFUL AND TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!