Thursday, July 7, 2011


If God gave you everything you wanted, you would have nothing to strive for, & the joy of success would not be yours.

     That was a quote from some one's twitter time line that I saw first thing this morning and it's so true. This week I've been battling with being patient in what God is preparing me for. I want the things that he's promised me now, or at least a blue print of what's to come. LOL. I know that I'm not going through this journey in vain, I just want to know the outcome.  I'm sure we are all like that at some point in our day or in our life in general. We have to believe and know that he has our best interest at hand and that he has nothing but big things planned for us.
    He has these big plans for us but we have to make sure that we are walking in his righteousness as well. We must abide by his word and know that his plan is what's best for us. Nobody wants to just win the game without playing, how fun would that be? I like knowing that I worked hard for all of my accomplishments.
     When I decided to do my first NPC figure competition in 2010 I went in full force. Nothing else mattered really. I made sure I did all of my cardio, ate on my diet on point, and went hard in all of my works. In my mind when times got tough, all I thought was winners don't quit. I just REALLY wanted to win. Not only did I want to win, but I wanted to stand out. I had never done a show before or even been to one so I had no clue what so ever what they were looking for. All I knew is that I wanted to win so I gave it all I had to get there. It all paid off because I won! Not only did I win my class but I was the over all winner as well. God blessed me with the desires of my heart and doubled it with one more trophy that I wasn't even expecting.

     So even when you get impatient and think that you need something now, just pray on it. He wants us to put full force into pleasing him so that we can be the light that shines for him. He always has something greater in mind than what we have for ourselves. I am learning every day that it's really not about me at all, it's about being pleasing to God so he can bless me like he wants me to be blessed. I'm open and ready to accept what he has in store for me. ARE YOU?



  1. Hey Janae' this came at the right time! I am expecting God's favor in my life. Some days like to day I started feeling anxious and even growing impatient to the point I was ready to say just forget wanting this. But I know God's plan is bigger and better than I can even imagine and when he blesses me with the desires of my heart, he will give me a double portion like he gave you the trophies. He is using you (us) for his glory and I look forward to celebrating with you in victory over all that the enemy tried to destroy! I love you and stay strong lil sis!!!!

  2. What an inspirational story and testimony you have. God Bless you and as I have experienced countless time..GOD IS ABLE!!! Thank you for sharing your story and for touching my life by your testimony. I always say that REVEALING IS HEALING for myself and others! Lifting and holding you in prayer!!! Jenette B. Jackson

  3. Thank you so much for your testimony. You are truly an inspiration to many people across the world. God is using you for his glory and I pray you continue to hold on to his word. Stay encouraged at all times. I pray all is well with you. Stay encouraged. :)

    Keeping you in my prayers,
    Jessica Victor